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The Two Realms by Brendan Ware


A light in the door.
A world beyond pain and suffering
Where grass is as bright as emeralds.
Where tulips and roses
And all live in harmony
There the skies are filled
With the happy songs of robins
And the rolling meadows seem to never end.

There is but one way
To find this place of joy.
Close your eyes
And unlock the door

But for those who do not hold the key
There is a horrible place for them
Where all beings of darkness
Wreak their havoc
Where all the trees are barren
And it is always dark and cold.
Where the sun never shows,
And all the skies are as silent as a grave.


Title: The Two Realms - Poem by Brendan Ware

Words: (above)

Prints Available: Yes, limited edition/signed prints are available.

Original Size: 6" in diameter

Print Cost: $135

Framed Print Cost: $180




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