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ERA - Aforismos - Grande y Justo


Title: ERA - Aforismos - Grande y Justo

Poem By: Eduardo Ritter Aislan

Words: Los contratiempos y los infortunios hay que recibirlos como contrapesos a todas las satisfacciones, alegrías y bienes con que la vida nos obsequia. Sería injusto que sólo a los otros les tocaran males y desdichas. Si razonas con justicia encontrarás que a cada catástrofe o quebranto puedes oponer más de una ventura y una dicha. Lo que ocurre es que el dolor nos ciega de tal modo que nunca vemos lo que nos llenó de bienandanza.

English Translation: ERA - Aphorisms - Magnanimous and Just
Bad times and misfortunes must be received as counterweights to the satisfactions, joys, and prosperities that life bestows upon us. It would be unfair if misfortune and unhappiness fell only upon others. If you think clearly, you will find that each catastrophe or failure may offer an adventure or piece of wisdom. Perhaps we may be blinded by pain in such a way that we never see that which puts us on the path to greatness.

Those who accuse God of having afforded them less than their due at any given moment are often the same individuals who did not think of him in the midst of good fortune, praise or advantages circumstances. May you never be one of those individuals. With humility and gratitude, appreciate all that life has to offer; and accept without protest the carrying of any temporary cross. For this is what it means to be magnanimous and just.

Prints Available: Yes, limited edition/signed prints are available.

Original Size: 6" x 6 "

Print Cost: $135 Framed Print Cost: $180




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