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The art of Gloria Ritter expresses a vivid blending of the literary and visual arts which would also be an accurate description of the soul of the artist. Gloria was born into a family of gifted writers and artists, with a rich myriad of ethnic backgrounds. Like many talented artists, Gloria has wrestled with these strong, influences, which at times both intimidated and drove her. As a result, when viewers look at her work, they see Celtic, Hispanic, African, Asian and Middle Eastern themes, often depending on what their individual background happens to be.

Throughout her life, Gloria has possessed a special sensitivity and passion for words. In her hands, words and passages assume a life and vitality of their own. In her art work, she has discovered a way to express this life form both verbally and visually. She calls her artwork Word Inspired Design (WID). Her art conveys not only the written word, but the emotions, colors and images the passage evokes.

Particularly intriguing are what Gloria calls the "Dime People." These images are truly universal in character and were birthed out of a period of intense grief. Not only did her characters succeed in bringing her through her personal pain; they seem to have the capacity to bring joy to everyone who encounters them. They are called Dime People, because each figure begins with the outline of a dime. A more complete account of the artist's story behind the Dime People is available here.


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